General information


WELCOME TO THE GANG will take place at music venue 013 in Tilburg. See below the heading ‘travel’ for more information on how to get to 013.


The doors of WELCOME TO THE GANG open at 14.00 on Saturday, 5 November 2022. At 00.00 the event ends. The entrance of 013 will be open until 20.00 hrs.

Minimum age

The minimum age for WELCOME TO THE GANG is 18 years. Proof of identity in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving licence is required.

Watch out for ticket scammers!

Never buy your tickets in any other way than through the official channels of REBiRTH Events. Tickets bought via Marktplaats or Facebook reactions are often not valid and are used to scam you. Read below to find out how you can obtain a ticket.


Personalization is required and is possible until Saturday, November 5, 23:30. After personalizing, your ticket(s) will be sent to your mailbox on Saturday 29 October (check your SPAM box). If you have not personalised your tickets, you will not receive them in your mailbox, so make sure you do this on time.

Bag policy

You are not allowed to bring backpacks inside. However, small handbags up to A4 size and approximately 10 cm thick are allowed. We recommend that you store large bags in the car or leave them at home.



013 is located at Veemarktstraat 44, 5038CV in Tilburg. Please note: do not enter this address as your navigation address, but choose one of the surrounding car parks.


There are several parking garages within walking distance. The closest is the Tivoli parking garage, which is right next to 013. The car parks at Pieter Vreedeplein and Heuvelpoort are a 3-minute walk away. The addresses for navigation:

Parking 013-Tivoli
Achter de Heuvel 3
5038 WD Tilburg
013 – 542 10 47

Parking Pieter Vreedeplein
5038 BP Tilburg
013 – 542 10 47

Parking Heuvelpoort
Heuvelpoort 353
5038 DW Tilburg
013 – 535 32 75

Due to its ideal location, the 013-Tivoli parking garage can be very busy during events. Since the exit tickets can only be bought in the parking garage itself and not at 013, we advise you to use the prepayment button at the (large) full service machines. You can only use this after 18:00 for the evening rate. You then pay €6 in advance, which means you can park until closing time and no longer have to stand in line after your visit to WELCOME TO THE GANG. An alternative for the machines is to use a parking app or contactless payment when entering and leaving.

Public Transportation

Poppodium 013 is located 1 km walking distance from Tilburg Central Station, which is about 10-15 minutes walking.

The nearest bus stop is the ‘heuvelring’ stop, a 2 minute walk from 013. For actual departure and arrival times, always check


Method of payment

Since 1 August 2020, you can pay digitally in 013 by pin. The possibility to pay with valid 013 tokens remains, based on the legal minimum term, until 1 February 2023. Until then, visitors can pay with their purple, black and grey (half) coins. After that, 013 will be completely cashless.


It is smart to wear earplugs during an event. If you do not have them, it is wise to buy them. At 013 we sell them too. Look for them on the wall; you can’t miss them. Or just ask one of the staff. They cost €3,- and are reusable.


You can use lockers in 013. From 2022 it will no longer be possible to rent a locker with coins. There are two ways to rent a locker in 013: Reserve a locker by scanning the QR code or Reserve a locker by using the operating terminal in the locker wall. You can read the instructions for this on the spot and there are always service staff present to help you.


Especially for WELCOME TO THE GANG, there is a special food area in 013, where an extensive range of food is available. This food area is open until 23.30 hours.