REBiRTH Events presents:


IT’S GETTING TOO HOT HERE!  REBiRTH Events and Aggressive Records present the maddest club show 013 has ever seen on November 5: this is WELCOME TO THE GANG! A 10-hour daytime event hosted by Rooler & Sickmode aka THE GANG! 🤯💦

Get ready for unlimited craziness & RAW Hardstyle club 🅱️ANGERS with some of their closest friends and special acts all day long at this massive madhouse in Tilburg. ❤️🤪

All tickets for WELCOME TO THE GANG were sold out within 5 minutes! We want to thank everyone for your craziness all week and can’t wait to tear down Poppodium 013 on November 5! 🥵💦
No ticket? Join the Waiting List!
The waiting list from Paylogic is the only place to buy tickets if you don’t have them yet. If someone cannot come to WELCOME TO THE GANG, he can ‘return’ his ticket to the organisation, we will then offer this ticket to the first person on the waiting list.
The earlier you register, the better chance you have! But please note: registration on the waiting list does not guarantee tickets. More information about the waiting list can be found on our website.